All About The Washington State Bass Federation


Our Federation chapter members are our grass-roots fishermen dedicated to the future of bass fishing. They furnish manpower, money and equipment for lake clean-ups, promote catch-and-release, encourage community involvement, lobby for and against proposed legislation, introduce youth to fishing and even conduct tournament creel census reports.

The Federation program is designed so bass clubs within a state are able to communicate and cooperate with other bass chapters and state federations. The result is a group of bass-fishing "Minute Men" which can be assembled in times of need; be it an environmental problem, a youth oriented program or a community service project.

Our federation members also have another common interest, tournament fishing. These weekend anglers enjoy the TBF National Federation Tournament Trail because it is the only amateur circuit that leads to the prestigious FLW World Championship where they compete against the top professional fishermen each year.

But itís not all about the adult fishermen.  In 2006, we started the Junior Bass Club program sponsored by the National Guard.  This is a program for kids ages 11 to 18.  Similar to the adult Federation model, Junior Bass Clubs and the Juniors members participate in local and state competitions, vying for the coveted honor of qualifying for the Junior World Championship.  We feel this program is a great adventure for kids.  The friendly spirit of competition is a thrill to be a part of at any level, especially for youth.  Junior Bass Chapters and tournaments are a part of the adult Federation Program.  Adult clubs, who become sponsors for Junior Chapters, act as mentors who foster and pass on the traditions associated with the sport of fishing and thrills.

We also have the WSBF Bass Club Jamboree.  This one of a kind, family event, is held each and every Memorial Day Weekend and is a get together of all of the bass clubs in the state.  It is a tournament and so much more.  It is a time for everyone to forget about the day to day struggles and enjoy the camaraderie of other fishermen and friends.  Sure there is a tournament but it is for bragging rights only.  There are divisions for all ages from 2 to 100!  There are potlucks, burger feeds, raffles, guest speakers, and more.  This event alone is reason enough for many to join the WSBF.

Join today and start enjoying the benefits and camaraderie that our current members now enjoy in the Washington State Bass Federation.

Washington State Bass Federation Member Benefits

  • By joining the WSBF you are joining a group of like-minded people who love bass fishing.

  • You don't even have to own a boat!  Or it you do it doesn't have to be a high powered, tournament style bass boat.  Many of our members fish from small, tiller motored boats.  It's not the boat that catches the fish!

  • The fun and fellowship derived from association with fellow anglers and the opportunity to learn from them.

  • Junior Angler programs with college scholarship opportunities.

  • Affiliation with your State Federation of Chapters, which is organized to promote and protect your bass fishing interests on both state and national levels.

  • Member Discounts on many fishing and non-fishing goods.

  • FLW online store discounts, Electronics, TVís, Cell Phones, Barnes and Noble, IBM, 1-800 Flowers, Clothing discounts (FLW and TBF Clothing).

  • Group Heath Insurance available through E-Heath Insurance.

  • Auto & Boat Insurance through Travelers Insurance.

  • Co-Sponsored FLW / TBF Credit Card Program.  (Any fees and commissions from the Credit Cards will go back to the State Federation where issued)

  • Insurance Program - This alone is reason enough to belong to the WSBF!!  Your club will have $1,000,000 liability coverage for sanctioned events and $10,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage 24 hours a day, and $25,000 incidental insurance.

  • Each member will receive a Federation Membership card.  A new card will be issued each year.

  • All of these benefits are for Federation Members Only!  Anglers across the country are forming new chapters to take advantage of these Federation benefits.

  • WSBF Member Fishing Opportunities

    • Tried and proven tournament guidelines and rules for your chapter tournaments as well as access to special tournament supplies.

    • Eligibility to compete in state and the prestigious TBF Federation Divisional Tournaments and National Championship for cash awards and 12 FLW World Championship berths.

    • State Events:  State Qualifier Tournaments held over three weekends at various lakes around the state and sponsored by Spokane Valley Marine / Ranger Boats.

    • Divisional Tournaments:  For our 12 man team that are be run by TBF, FLW and Host States

    • Federation National ChampionshipÖrun by the TBF and FLW with payout of $100,000.

    • Federation National Championship:  One boater and one non boater from Washington State continue on to the TBF National Championship!

    • National television coverage on Fox Sports Network-FSN.

    • FLW will provide TBF expenses PAID berthís in the Wal-Mart BFL All-American for 6 boater spots.

    • FLW will provide TBF expenses PAID berthís in the Wal-Mart BFL All-American 6 for Co-Angler Spots.

    • FLW will provide 12 spots total in Wal-Mart BFL All-American to TBF.

    • FLW will provide TBF one Pro Boater spot in the Forrest Wood Cup ($1,000,000.00 in cash to the winner if they run a Ranger, $500,000.00 to the winner no matter what boat brand they own and use.)

    • FLW will provide TBF one Co-Angler spot in the Forrest Wood Cup.  

    • Living The Dream:  The TBF will provide the National Champion with a wrapped Chevy Truck and Ranger Boat along with $50,000 cash to fish the FLW circuit for one year

2010 WSBF Schedule

 March 20th - Federation Meeting, Ellensburg

 April 24th - Qualifier, Moses Lake

 May 29th, 30th, 31st - Jamboree, Banks Lake

 June 12th - Qualifier, Lake Chelan

 July 24th - Qualifier, Rife Lake

 September 18th - Federation Meeting, Ellensburg

 October 2nd & 3rd - Scholarship Tournament

 November 13th - Federation Awards Banquet (West Side)


How To Join the Washington State Bass Federation

Step 1.  Join a Washington State Bass Federation Bass Club

After becoming a member of FLW the next step is to join a TBF affiliated club. There are a variety of clubs out there that are affiliated which range from having a few tournaments a year to ones that have full schedules with championships and seminars at their meetings. Find the club that is right for you and join, donít be afraid to ask questions of the president and pick one that is right for you.  

Club:  Dues are determined by each individual club

State Membership:  Dues are $15.00 and may be included in the club dues

TBF / FLW - National Federation Membership:  Dues are $55.00.  Now combined into one payment.

Step 2.  Become a member of TBF & FLW

If you are an avid angler, there is a good chance that you are already a member. You are a member if you receive a subscription to FLW Outdoors Magazine. If you arenít a member, you should be. Just to get the magazine alone is worth the money. A membership is $35. To join the FLW go to: or find a friend, if your friend signs you up they get a bunch of free stuff.

See our list of affiliated clubs

Step 1.   Step 2.   Step 3.  

Sign-up with a bass club

Find a club in your area or start your own club with your fishing friends!

Cost: Varied due to the varied cost of dues for each individual club.

Note: Club dues may include the $15.00 State Federation dues.

 Sign-up with FLW  

Member acquires FLW individual membership on their own.

 Sign-up with TBF & FLW

Usually done through your club dues.

Sign-up with a bass club

Find a club in your area or start your own club with your fishing friends!


Membership Cost: $25.00  

Cost:  $20.00 per member includes:

   Eligibility to fish Tournaments

   Eligibility for Juniors to fish tournaments

   $1,000,000 Club Insurance

   Newsletter Online Discounts

Cost: Varied due to the varied cost of dues for each individual club.

Note: Club dues usually include the $15.00 State Federation dues.


It's That Easy!