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TBF OREGON NATIONAL SEMI FINALS UPDATE (Boaters) Off Limits and Official Practice Limitations

 Tenmile lake will be off limits on 27 and 28 September.  You must be off the water by 3:00 PM on Friday the 1st or at least stop fishing and be at the ramp. 

Official practice begins on Wednesday the 29th.  Official practice means that you may only fish by yourself or with another participant.  There are exceptions as spelled out in the rules which have been provide in precious emails.  If you want to practice with someone other than a participant, you need to contact me first.  We are expecting to have a total of 53 boats (12 WA and 41 OR) for this event.  Following is Rule 4 regarding practice.

4. PRE-TOURNAMENT PRACTICE, CHECK IN, COMPETITION: Competition waters are open for fishing anytime until Sunday night midnight prior to the first competition day. Tournament waters will be off limits to all competitors, Monday, Tuesday and re-open for practice on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday until 3pm local time.

After Sunday night midnight prior to the event, a competitor may not seek, purchase, barter for information about locating or catching fish on tournament waters, including but not limited to GPS waypoints (other than through publicly available sources) nor may a contestant enter tournament waters with anyone who is deemed “expert” on tournament waters by tournament officials after this date, except (a) An immediate family member living the same household who is not deemed and “expert” or anyone who is a confirmed competitor in the same event. The hiring of fishing guide services is not permitted after the entry deadline of 12 noon on Thursday, two weeks prior to the first tournament day of each National Semi Final tournament.

On Friday, the day before the first tournament day, all TBF participants must be off plane, within site of the boat launch and no longer fishing by 3pm local time.

Contestants are expected to compete in all days that they are qualified; failure to do so may result in ineligibility to compete in the future. IF an angler drops it is THAT states responsibility to even the field per rule # 7. After the pre-tournament briefing begins fishing the tournament waters is prohibited except during tournament hours.

During the tournament a competitor may not use a CB radio, a VHF marine band radio, a cellular phone, or any other type of communication device for the purpose of locating or catching fish. Contestants are permitted to transmit by radio or telephone only in an emergency. If so equipped, contestants may listen to marine band weather.

On 9/13/2021 3:13:00 PM, Gary Harral <> wrote:

I will be sending more information this week.  I have attached a list of our anglers in First Name Order with Boaters on page 1 and Co-Anglers on page 2.

Today's Topic is FLW/MLF Membership.  

1. MLF bought FLW so you all are MLF members via your TBF dues.  

2.  Your dues pay for subscriber level membership.  

3.  By fishing the National Semi Finals you actually have a chance of fishing Nationals in 2022 and a select once there a one chance in five to advance to the MLF/BFL All American.

4.  In order to fish the All American, MLF requires you to be a Competitor Level Member prior to fishing the National Semi Finals this year at Tenmile Lake..

5.  You can get a discount for the upgrade by calling the following number at MLF.  Tell them that you are a TBF Member (attached list provides your TBF number and FLW/MLF number) and that you want to upgrade to Competitor level membership.  Call MLF at 270-252-1000.  The cost will be $48.50

6.  Remember this is only needed if you want a chance to fish the All American.  You can fish the National Semi Finals and Nationals with the Subscriber membership because these are TBF events.

7.  This is a new rule that was implemented in 2020 when MLF bought FLW.

8.  If you have questions, please give me a call and I will be happy to tell you what I think of this.  Remember, this rule is not a TBF rule.  TBF has held our dues to the same level for many years and has no desire to raise dues.  However the All American is a MLF event.  Their event, their rules.  The MLF Competitor attachment provides a few more details.

I will be sending more information later this week.  We have 41 paid up boaters and 41 paid up C0-Anglers which means we will be able to send two pairs to Nationals 



 Mandatory meeting for final registration, discuss rules, blast off, weigh in, partner information, pizza and Raffle.

We are looking for some help with set up beginning at 3:00 PM and clean up.  We must be clear of the building no later than 7:00 PM

Check In/Final Registration:  Each Member will be required to sign the attached liability form.  Speed things up by printing this form out, signing, and bring to registration.

Rules Discussion:  Overview of major rules will be covered.  These rules have been provided to each of you on several occasions, please read in advance.

COVID Restrictions:  There will be a discussion regarding current State Level Indoor and Outdoor Requirements

Blast Off:  Discussion of the blast off location and process by flights

Weigh In:  Discuss the weigh in location by flight process

Pizza:  Pizza will be provided while the Rules Discussion is being held.

Boater/Co-Angler Pairings:  1st and 2nd day Pairings will be provided

 RAFFLE INFORMATION (Helps Pay for the Pizza and Hall Rental)

Two Edge First Strike 705-1 MBR Casting Rods (MH 7'-0")

3 Sets of Accu Cull E-Con Tags

2 Accu Cull Scales

20 Willamette Weapon Crank Baits

Pro Cure

Ranger Wear including Hats and Shirts

 Lodging Information:

A discount on Lodging is available for NSF Participants.  Call the following numbers, tell them you are fishing the TBF National Semi Finals.  The amount of discount is based on total participation.

Winchester Bay Inn:  541-271-4871

Sea Drift Inn:  541-759-3102

Gary Harral


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