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WSBF Youth Director:

Troy Roberts
2329 Market St PMB 1298
Mount Vernon, WA 98273
208 407-4322

Special Thanks to

 for their thoughtful Sponsorship



as of 7/15/20

Dear Student Anglers, Parents and Boat Captains. There is an immediate change to the format of the 2020-2021 Washington TBF High School schedule. We will be going back to the format that we had last year. With that being said if you are not familiar with that schedule the format is as such.

We will be conducting a Series:

  • July 25-26th Potholes Reservoir ------------------ Mardon Resort    .........  ( No Off Limits )  

  • August 22-23 Lake Washington ------------------ Newport Shores

The series will be 4 individual competition tournaments. So each day is a tournament day and will be designated points and awards. The Series will qualify (1) team to qualify for TBF High School National Championship and World Finals for 2021. How will teams qualify? The team with the highest points total over the (4) events will be awarded the Series Champions. (1) out of (3) days will be considered a throw-out. Therefore (3) of the best points totals out of (4) will be used to calculate total points for the Series.

Anglers will need to be an active member of an TBF Student Angler Club for 2020 in order to compete. Also Teams will need to register and sign up for the series in order to compete. Teams will be allowed to bring registration documents to first event in order to compete in series.

There will be $200 entry fee/team to compete in the 2020-2021 series to cover series expenses.

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact Troy Roberts @ 208-407-4332 by voice or text. Just notify by Text who you are and the focus of your conversation. Also you can email at

Washington State Championship:

The Washington State Championship will be a No Fee event held. Where:

Moses Lake  September 26th Cascade Marina

The state Championship will be awarded to the team with the highest cumulative weight for the days of competition. The winning team will qualify to go to the TBF High School National Championship and World Finals in 2021. Anglers will need to be active members of a Student Anglers Federation Club (SAF) in the State of Washington. There is not qualification process to compete in the WA State Championship. Teams will have to abide by TBF rules and qualifications to compete. Rules are available at Please feel free to contact Troy Roberts with any questions at 208-407-4332 by voice or text. If by text please state who you are and the nature of your business. You can also reach Troy at

The 2020-2021 High School Season is upon us so hurry get your teams set up and registered to compete.


WA High School events will be abiding by State Policies with Social distancing.


Student Anglers will need to provide proof of WA State Fishing License before 1st Series Battle. 

     All Competition Rules will follow TBF High School Rules. Please read rules at  

                                            Washington State TBF Youth Programs Director:

                                      Troy Roberts (208)-407-4332 ----------

                                             2329 Market St PMB 1298; Mount Vernon WA, 98273



2020 Washington TBF High School State Championship


Wow what a State Championship.

Originally the Washington State Championship was to be held on March 21st on Lake Washington in the heart of Seattle. However with the COVID-19 virus placing the world in quarantine and Seattle being the epicenter of the outbreak the State Championship had to be postponed until further notice.

Fortunately a glimmer of hope and normalcy was granted to large portions of the state of Washington and Troy Roberts, Washington State High School Tournament Director was able to relocate the State Championship to another venue (Moses Lake) that would be suitable to conduct what would be the last high school state championship for some seniors and teams as well just in time to advance a team to TBF High School National Championship.

The high school teams showed up and the weather tried to put things in a halt position even before the event. The day before high wind warnings were put into effect with sustained winds of 25-27 mph with gusts up to 35-50 mph. The winds were ripping all night long before the event however the morning came and mother nature gave us a break. Turned out to be a nice slightly overcast morning with a little breeze but perfect fishing weather, and the teams showed up with excitement and anticipation.

The teams blasted off and put their abilities to the test to see who could come back with the biggest bags. There was a lot of excitement because there was a full moon and the big fish were biting.

When the weigh-in came so did the weather but that did stop the teams from bringing some quality bags of fish.

The 3rd place team and 2019 Washington State HS Champions Blake Williams/Ty Manterola weighed in a mixed bag of Largemouth and smallmouth anchoring the bag with a 3.04 lb. Largemouth with total weight of 14 lb. 3 oz.


The 2nd place team and newcomers to high school bass fishing Logan Clark/Parker Jones weighed in a stout bag of smallie’s anchored with a 4 lb. 5 oz largemouth for a total weight of 16 lb. 3 oz.

It was an impressive bag for their first ever high school fishing event against teams that have won state championships and AOY’s in both TBF and BASS. They are gonna be a team to look our for the next coming years.

As the wind and rain started to come down so did the team of Wade Wilkens/Blake Yates bring the hammer down with an incredible bag of largemouth weighing in at 21 lb. 2 oz. and anchoring that bag was a marsh donkey weighing in at 5 lb. 6 oz.


Team Wade Wilkens & Blake Yates walked away with the Championship Trophies, Tackle Warehouse Big Bass package, Dobyns rods and local scholarships. It being their Senior year of high school they definitely went out with a bang. Not only did they advance to TBF National Championship/World Finals but the weekend before the sealed the deal as being High School State Champions on the B.A.S.S. division on Potholes Reservoir advancing to the B.A.S.S Nationals on Kentucky Lake in October.

Being crowned the TBF HS State Champs was bitter sweet having their graduation the night before. The community came out to provide a graduation that was worthy of all the seniors in a way that they best could under the social distancing policies in place. Gave them a town parade and a small respectful graduation ceremony.

This will be Wade’s second time advancing to the TBF National Championship, he did so his freshman yr and this will be Blakes first time advancing to Nationals. They both competed in the World Finals in 2019 but their goal was to make it to the 2020 TBF National Championship and so they did. In a post tournament interview, they said that having won the week before they really wanted to make this a Double State Championship to make this a year to never forget. So, they did.

Wade Wilkens Graduation photo 2020



2020 Washington State High School Bass Fishing Series & State Championship

June 7 2020 High School Championship on Moses Lake
July 25 - 26 2021 High School Series on Potholes Reservoir
August 22 - 23 2021 High School Series on Lake Washington
September 27- 28 2020 / 2021 High School State Championship on Moses Lake



2020 WA State High School Bass Fishing Series & State Championship

Washington State High School Championship ( High School State Championship)

All teams please contact Troy Roberts at 208-407-4332 by phone or text. 
To register your team please go to and register your team under the Youth section and select STUDENT ANGLER FEDERATION HIGH SCHOOL FISHING. Then select the Yellow icon on the right side of the page that says SAF STATE CHAMPIONS.
To get up to date on COVID-19 policy and procedures for the event you will be informed when getting into contact with Troy Roberts WA TBF High School & Youth Programs Director.
The State Championship is a NO FEE sanctioned event. All you have to do is pay your TBF membership dues ($25/student angler) to become a member of a sanctioned club or join WSAF (Washington Student Angler Federation).
Excited to announce that the winners will Advance to TBF National Championship & World Finals in La Crosse Wisconsin on June 22nd-27th.
Winners will also win prize package of 2-$50 gift cards to Tacklewarehouse, 1-$100 visa gift card and 1 Fishing Rod/angler of your choosing of a Dobyns Fury Series Rod value at $240. Winners will also win 2-$300 Scholarship from Potholes Bass Club.
Big Fish winners will also win 2-$50 Tacklewarehouse Gift Cards
Runner up will also receive 2-$200 Scholarships from Potholes Bass Club
3rd place will receive 2-$100 Scholarships from Potholes Bass Club.
Washington State High School Bass Fishing Series (2021 National Championship Qualifier)

·        July 25th & 26th 2020 – Potholes (Stage 1)

Blythe Launch Othello WA

Washington State High School Championship (2021 National Championship Qualifier)

·        August 22nd & 23rd  2020 – Lake Washington (Stage 2)

Newport Shores Launch (SE 40th St, Bellevue, WA 98006)


Washington State High School Championship (2020 - 2021 High School State Championship)

·        September 27th & 28th 2020 – Moses Lake

Cascade Marina Launch 8138 Scott Rd NE, Moses Lake, WA 98837

**The winning team will qualify to participate in the TBF High School National Championship and World Finals in June 2021 Lake Hartwell Andersen SC**




                      Read the ENTRY RULES & REQUIREMENTS
                                Read the EMERGENCY MEDICAL FORM
                          OPEN TO ALL:       HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS

 (Students must become a SAF member ($25.00)


1. You need to join the TBF/ Student Angler Federation (SAF) ($25.00)

Click to download the msword form to join the Washington State High School Club


               a.   Go to ( Click on high school heading

            *** b.   Click on join a Washington SAF high school club

            *** c.   Fill out the form and mail with check as directed

           d.   You must not yet have registered for college as a graduating senior.

           e.    Team members must attend high school in Washington.

           f.    Youth Director will then notify you to-----  Then register your team on line.

           g.   Juniors can fish with a high school partner, but must join the high school

                 SAF club for an additional ($25.00).



Do not register team on line until notified by youth director
Go to ( Troy Roberts 
Select register for Tournament heading    208-407-4332
Select State Championships (2020)    (
Follow the directions.        Web (
   High School Heading